Our Approach

Our Approach

We feel our view of the world is unique. Not that nobody else thinks the way we do, but if the internet shows us anything its that people love to offer answers.

You can google any answer to almost any question you have. Wikipedia is a world changing tool. There is no argument with this.

However, lets not forget that these all offer someone else's answers.

I think we'd all agree that the world is in some state of rapid transition.

So if we have all these answers available to us, wouldn't it stand to reason that maybe there's something about the questions that we're missing?

If the answers aren't moving things forward or improving things, maybe we're not asking the right questions.

That's what our interest is in.

Maybe its time we looked at the questions and found the ones that allow you to figure out your own answers.

Our Story

Meet the Team

It's true that there is a team behind this site/podcast

You will probably notice at some point, if not right away, that we keep forgetting to mention our names. This is not by accident. In fact, it was a point we debated long and hard.

Unfortunately, we are all somewhat a victim of our own biases.

But there's another factor we are interested in. We are hoping that the value of the questions we pose and the excersizes we propose here can stand alone without the need of an authority to validate their workability.

In the end, does it really matter who asks you a question, if the answers you find work for you? That's what we're interested in above all.

You finding your own answers.

We're not interested in becoming authorities or even having you feel indebted to us. Quite the opposite. We want you to not feel the need to have anyone leading you. After all, its your life to walk through on your own terms.

It's probably counterintuitive to say we intend to stand out by remaining anonymous.

We want your answers. We definitely want your feedback. We welcome all the input you want to give.

If you really want to force the question and ask who we are, the answer is simple. We're probably just like you.

Ask Us Any Question

We are interested in all your input, questions, comments and suggestions. If there's anything you'd like us to cover in a podcast or anything you'd like to see us do better, the door is wide open.